October, 2015

The Last Mile

We are a civil litigation law firm. Most of the cases we handle arise from claims for bodily injury caused by negligence, but all of our cases involve some kind of a dispute – sometimes over a business relationship or transaction, a piece of property, or some other kind of tort, or private harm – that for one reason or another the parties are not able to resolve on their own. Imagine you have gone all the way through a lawsuit and come out the other side with such an order, called a money judgment. What do you do then?

September, 2015

Might Makes Right?

This past month a Staten Island lawyer, rightly or wrongly fed up with the conduct of the opposing party and the opposing attorney, filed a motion with the court seeking permission to resolve their dispute through trial by combat. Trial by combat is a venerable tradition in jurisprudence and is conducted by having the two parties meet in a field and hack at each other with swords. The dispute is resolved when one of the parties is killed, at which point the survivor is declared to have won the legal argument. It is literally a system of “might makes right,” and for good reason was abandoned in the 15th century.

August, 2015

Smart Social Media for Plaintiffs

In every injury case I can recall there’s been some damaging error in my own client’s records that I’ve had to explain away or refute with contrary evidence. Asking to see your chart and correcting errors on the spot can help minimize those problems, but ultimately that evidence is under the healthcare provider’s control, and it’s near impossible to eliminate those errors completely. Social media mistakes, on the other hand, are completely avoidable. If you are a plaintiff, you need to be careful with these sites to avoid shooting yourself in the foot.

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