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Commercial collections. Money dropping into piles.Many businesses, especially small businesses, can find themselves in serious trouble if just a few significant accounts go unpaid. When you do a good job delivering products or services for your clients, you expect and deserve to get money in return, not accounts receivable and a collection headache. It is a terrible frustration and annoyance when, having done the work on schedule and on budget, you then have to spend additional time and effort on getting your client to pay you.

Unfortunately, some clients treat their obligations with less respect than they should, and they take your work or your products and leave you holding an I.O.U. If that happens to you or your company, you have a few options: You can eat the loss, try to collect the debt yourself, turn the matter over to a collection agency, or you can give us a call.

  • Eating the loss means that you not only forego the profit you expected to realize on the work you did, but that you actually went out of pocket to finance the job for the client who stiffed you. This is adding insult to injury, but under some circumstances it might make sense.
  • Collecting the debt yourself means throwing more time and resources after money you have already earned, and involves you or the people in your company doing things outside their real skill sets. You went into business to do the things your company does, not to work as a collection agency, and doing your own collections work is almost certainly not the highest and best use of your time.
  • Hiring a collection agency sometimes gets results, but more often a collection agency just sends some threatening letters and issues derogatory reports to credit reporting agencies, and if the debtor still refuses to pay can do little or nothing further to recover anything for you.

When you contact us to help you collect on an account, though, we can take things much farther than a couple of phone calls or a demand letter. If you have a large account you have been unable to collect on, we can take the matter to court for you, get a judgment, and then use garnishments and other techniques to turn that judgment into the money you have coming to you. For that matter, the fact that we have the ability to take a collection matter to court and beyond even makes our “asking nicely” a lot more effective.

My Company Is Not Getting Paid: What Can I Do?

We cannot take on every collection matter that comes our way. Generally, we work only on business-to-business accounts where the value of the unpaid account is close to or exceeds $100,000. If such an account receivable is crimping your cash flow and hurting your business, contact us to set up a free consultation. We will evaluate your situation and help you understand your options. If you hire us to help you with the matter, we will get started right away, making demand of the debtor and filing any liens you might be entitled to in order to secure payment as much as possible. We will also attempt to determine what assets the debtor has, so that we can move quickly to collection once we have secured a judgment for you. If the debtor does not respond in an acceptable way to our demands, we will pursue the matter through litigation and do everything we can to get a judgment in your favor.

We work with you to develop a services package that makes sense for you and your business. In addition to hourly billing options, we can perform some services and bundles of services on a flat-fee basis, enabling you to budget for collection costs with confidence and certainty. Depending on the circumstances of the case, we may even be able to handle the matter on a contingency, where you pay us nothing unless and until we collect on the debt for you. We will discuss which fee arrangements are available in your case and which make the most sense for you at our initial consultation.

Looking for a Law Firm for Commercial Collections?

When another business owes you or your company money and refuses to pay, you need to take action. We are here to help you collect what you have earned and to get your cashflow flowing again. If you need help turning accounts receivable into revenues, call us or contact us online to set up a consultation today.

“I have known and worked with Ken for the past 2 years and I can truly say that having him on speed dial has enhanced my life as a CEO (and personally). Having access to a great lawyer, legal adviser (for business and personal) and a fellow business owner who faces decisions, opportunities and challenges like mine, and who understands my business and is committed to my success without bias or vested interest has been paramount.”

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